Planned Placement

Information required in order to ascertain whether a young person is suitable for our homes is collected with the use of our ‘referral form’. This form is used to gather key information e.g. their vulnerabilities, types of behaviour/s being displayed, their interaction with others etc.

The information you submit will assist us in our decision making, ascertaining whether we are able to meet the needs of a young person utilising our Impact Assessment Form. When placing a new young person, consideration of the existing resident’s history and vulnerabilities will be taken into account, as to suitability.

Emergency Placement

Emergency admissionsEmergency admissions will be subject to a Impact Assessment.
Information will be gathered from you by our On-Call officer who will apply it our risk assessment and a decision made in principle. On agreement of an Emergency admission, completion of our ‘Referral form’ may be necessary and we will follow the procedure for planned admissions as closely as possible.

Should we have any concerns we will discuss these with you via the phone and if possible a meeting the same day with social worker and the young person. All necessary LAC forms must be completed and a planning meeting will be required within 72hours of the young person being placed with the home.