Behavioural Support

Our Behaviour Management strategy and policies follows the ethos of Team Teach (for further Information go to:
Inappropriate behaviour displayed by young people is whenever possible ignored and positive behaviour responded to. Young people are provided with consistent guidelines and boundaries. Staff will help young people respect these boundaries through the positive relationships they will develop. We use a series of monitoring and assessment tools such as ‘Behaviour Observation Reports’ and ‘Management and Assessment of Specific Behaviours’ Documents, that enables us to manage behaviours more effectively.

We assist young people in their care;

  • Presenting emotional behavioural difficulties
  • Who have been subject to abuse
  • Requiring therapy and assessment
  • Who are from dysfunctional families,
  • Who have committed Minor criminal offences
  • Display absent/absconding behaviour
  • Require security and stability within a small homely environment.
  • Require support towards independent living.
  • Presenting self-harming behaviours
  • Who have a degree of difficulty in their learning ability

The Homes offer independent living skills to young people in their care. Our staff teams work through independant living programmes to prepare young people for leaving care. To assist this process, Pine Forest Homes work closely with ‘above n beyond’, an organisation that povides support and accommodation for young people making the transition into independent living ( Above n beyond are then able to offer continued quality support for young people as part of their transition.